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Work and Skills

  • Founder/Operator of Spirit Dance World
  • Healthy Life Consultant
  • Yoga & Pilates Instructor
  • Wellness teacher
  • Coach/Adviser/Writer


  • Teaching yoga and pilates since 2014
  • Yoga and pilates for over 50’s and olders
  • Chair yoga and pilates
  • Kid’s yoga
  • Singing rin and gentle yoga
  • Yoga and Pilates at studios, gyms, and organisations



Here’s a brief story of my journey.

I was born on the island of Shikoku in the South and West of Japan. I came to Australia in 2004, to find out, the secret of my life. Who am I? What am I capable of? 

In the early stage of my life, I failed many times, to find the place where I felt I belonged. Once as a teenager, I went off the rails I was angry, I was sad, I always envied other people, I was not living my true life. Wherever I went, I often felt lonely deep inside, I was feeling that no one really understood me. I hoped, dreamed and wished often that, I could be the one who I look up to.

When I was in my late twenties, there was a glimpse of freedom, from my own small world, which took me to Australia, where I had never been to, and did not know anyone and even the language I had no knowledge of. I was excited. I did not have any fear at all. I was just looking forward to jumping into the unknown. 

My little journey begun. 


I faced so many difficulties living in another country, especially the language!

I met an Australian man at the very beginning of my journey, who became my husband 13 years later.

Through my learning and living in another country and another language, plus having a relationship with a different nationality from myself, I had learnt to accept another culture, a different way of living and beliefs, manners and traditions from the different point of view.  My brain was constantly absorbing the new thoughts and breaking my own shell little by little. I was about to come out from my small world.

February 2013, I decided to stay out of my most comfortable zone to stand on my feet, which took me to the place that I really belong to, that I was not sure back then. It was a yoga teacher training for me to challenge myself. There were 24 other local girls and 1 Mexican girl, and we trained together for 10 weekends. This event was one of my life turning points for the better. Since then, I have been standing on both side as a learner and a teacher, a receiver and a giver.


I became more balanced.

Now, I know who I really am. I learnt my strengths and the weaknesses. But most importantly, now I know that I have gift to give. Today, 2022, I have a young business as a self-employer, which serves most of my needs as well as fulfillment for my growth and contribution. I am ready to serve people to give what I already have. Returning my appreciation to the community and the world because I know that I have been looked after very well from everyone I have met.

My focus is to enjoy myself with the flow of life. All the processes I take, are timeless and priceless. I will keep learning and growing, nourishing my intimate relationship with my husband, who supports me with the joys of love and encouragement always and at all times. My business is to create more joy and laughter wherever I go. 

So here I am, at the halfway point of my life, in my forties, I have another forty years to serve you and myself. I am excited and I appreciate the opportunities to share my wisdom and knowledge. I believe we become more mature, wiser and a master of own life as we age. 

​Mihoko Harrison